Tuesday, January 10, 2017

To Honor Loss

Friends and companions, human and animal, will leave our lives, creating an empty space where they have been. We mourn their loss while we struggle to maintain the flow of or lives, now interrupted by sorrow. Let there be a space four mourning. Let there be the time for tears and the acknowledgment of loss. Let us not be too quick to 'get over it.'

Our grief may be private and individual, or it may be shared with close friends and family. Either way, we must not dismiss it. It remains a piece of us, always.

If a close friend or relative is dying, let us sit with that person, sharing the comfort of presence, a human touch and voice. We sit with the dying to ease their passing.

Let us come together at this time of grief with a funeral or memorial which honors the love and life of the beloved who is gone from us.

And let us, in time, find a space of happy remembrance, and a joy in what has been shared, and the love that is a part of us forever.

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