Sunday, July 3, 2016

How would you mark a life passage?

What would you look for in a ceremony to mark an important passage in your life?

The ceremony would need to be an expression of the core meaning of this change; it would need to reach into the center of what is happening in your life at this time, and point to the way forward.  You would need to feel the connection to these events within your heart.  The ceremony would be an expression of your authentic self.

It takes time to design such a ceremony - one that fits your beliefs, and is beautiful and meaningful to you.  It is important that I, the celebrant or officiant, work with you so that, together, we can bring together the elements that will be woven into this ceremony.

You may not be aligned to a particular religion.  Even so, we can be spiritual beings and touch the spiritual within ourselves and in the outer world through ceremony that gives us that connection without dogma.

If you are a Druid or a pagan, your specific path will be honored through ceremony.

We experience the spiritual and mark deep changes, finding the meaning of each passage as we move through life's changes.

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